For MISRA-C Official Website and Forum go to www.misra-com

MISRA-C general background information click here

There is also a MISRA-C & C++ group on Linked in click here
Note the MISRA-C& C++ linked in group does not accept sale/marketing people or recruiters.

Papers on MISRA-C

"Why MISRA-C won't Save your project"
Device Devloper 2013 MISRA-C Workshop Presentation click here

"How to impliment MISRA-C"
Device Devloper 2014 MISRA-C Workshop Presentation click here

Les Hattons analysis on MISRA-C 2004 click here

MISRA-C & static analyser intergrations (QAC and PC-Lint) to IAR Workbench click here

IAR's MISRA-C Guidence click here

How to achive MISRA-C compliance with PRQA's QAC click here

More information from PRQA on MISRA-C click here

Comparative Study on MISRA-C checking tools click here

LDRA's MISRA-C checker click here