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Published on Feb 14, 2017

How the fisrt version of MISRA-C came about in 1998. Developed for Austin Rover and Ford by Programming Research from a system used to develop a medical coding standard. Subsequent versions of MISRA-C, i.e. 204 and 2012 were developed by the MISRA-C Working Group of which Gavin McCall became Chairman from 2000 to 2008.


Presentation to High Integrity Software Conference ( www.his-2016.co.uk ) November 2016

MISRA-C Roadmap into 2017 from Jagraphics on Vimeo.



Presentation to Device Devloper Conference MISRA-C Workshop 27th April 2016

Papers on MISRA-C

at Advanced Engineering 2014


Delivered November 2014 This paper asks if MISRA-C is a curse or cure. It comes up with some surprising answers that should get most software people thinking. >download presentation

at Device Developer Conference 2014

Delivered May/June 2014 This paper follows on to part one below (delivered at DDC 2013) The text is expanded with full references and links to additional material >download presentation

Device Developer MISRA-C workshop

MISRA-C:2012 Why it Won't Save your Project

at Device Developer Conference 2013


Delivered May 2013 to the MISRA-C Workshop at the Device Developer Conference Series. > Link to

Additional papers and tools

Les Hattons analysis on MISRA-C 2004 click here How to achive MISRA-C compliance with PRQA's QAC click here
MISRA-C & static analyser intergrations (QAC and PC-Lint) to IAR Workbench click here More information from PRQA on MISRA-C click here
Comparative Study on MISRA-C checking tools click here LDRA's MISRA-C checker click here
Bugseng Eclair support for MISRA-C click here PC-Lint support for MISRA-C click here